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    New Orleans City Council Moves to Halt New Short-Term Rental Permits Until March 2023

    The New Orleans, Louisiana, City Council voted to temporarily stop issuing new short-term rental (STR) permits in residential neighborhoods until at least next March as part of a wider campaign to contain their impact on affordable housing. The decision was made in response to a federal judge's ruling which determined that existing STR ordinances discriminated against out-of-state developers and property owners. The new ordinance would allocate a citywide interim zoning district (IZD), outlawing new short-term rental units in residential properties until 2023. City Council Vice President JP Morrell said the council will take up permanent legislation to prevent neighborhoods from being swamped by developers and tourists, while the new ordinance will not affect commercial properties. Council members said the IZD decision was a better choice than allowing practically anyone to acquire a short-term permit. "The Fifth Circuit ruled that all of our Airbnb restrictions were basically invalid because they drew a distinction between those people who have a homestead exemption ... who are renting out a piece of [their] property — and individuals who do not live here, are not from here, who just are investors that just rent houses," Morrell said. "In doing so, they blew up the Airbnb law and said that anyone can basically run an Airbnb in any part of the city, which is really against public policy."

    Gambit (New Orleans) (10/20/22) Sarah Ravits

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