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    New Orleans City Council Starts Rewriting Short-Term Rental Rules

    The New Orleans City Council has passed the first measure in in a series of reforms to the city’s residential short-term rental rules as it rushes to meet a court-imposed March 31 deadline. The council passed a zoning motion, which is the first step toward getting rid of city regulations deemed unconstitutional and replacing them with new ones. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last year struck down a key part of the short-term rental rules the city passed in 2019, ruling that a provision requiring property owners in residential areas to live full-time on a lot in order to operate a short-term rental was unconstitutional because it discriminated against out-of-state property owners. The new measure would let an operator live on-site at a property with a short-term rental in lieu of an owner. An approved amendment would cap the number of short-term rentals at one per square block, a stricter limit than the City Planning Commission’s recommendation of one per block face.

    NOLA.com (03/02/23) Kaylee Poche; Sarah Ravits

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