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    New Report Outlining Economic Impact of Short-Term Rental Restrictions Met with Mixed Reviews

    La Quinta and Palm Springs, California, are weighing additional restrictions to some short-term vacation rentals, but a new economic analysis by Tourism Economics indicates opinion is divided. Senior Director of Community Engagement at Visit Greater Palm Springs Davis Meyer said the study determined that "there was no significant impact from short-term vacation rentals on housing affordability," nor was any correlation between crime and short-term rentals evident. When shown these findings, Neighbors for Neighborhoods volunteer John Guerrini said, "You first have to look at the source, the cities that are against this, they're obviously hiring consulting firms that do work for cities, and their job is to present numbers that will convince people to oppose these measures." Meyer countered that his organization requires unbiased analysis, while the study found communities that restrict short-term vacation rentals see their revenue decline. Yet Neighbors for Neighborhoods claimed the lost revenue can be recouped. "Simply because there's a loss of revenue doesn't lead to the inescapable conclusion that it's a bad thing," Guerrini said. "Because what we get in return, we get our neighborhoods back, I get my neighbor back instead of ... a weekend visitor."

    Kesq News Channel 3 (10/14/22) Bianca Ventura

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