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    North Texas City Leans Toward Minimal Regulation of Short Term Rentals

    In northern Texas, the city of Keller is debating whether or not to regulate short-term rentals (STRs) within city limits. The city estimates that about 70 such properties are currently operating, while Community Development Director Julie Smith and Police Chief Brad Fortune say complaints about short-term rentals are rare. The Keller City Council held a work session to discuss components of a possible ordinance regulating short-term rentals within the city. Most council members supported minimal regulation, and Mayor Armin Mizani voiced a desire to balance protecting property owners' rights to use their property as they wish with neighbors' rights to do the same. A common theme was that Keller should protect against nuisances like noise and trash violations, but otherwise keep regulation minimized. To differentiate short-term rentals from other residential rental properties, Smith proposed classifying a short-term rental as one that is rented for no more than 30 days consecutively to one tenant and for no more than 180 days annually. Several STR-owning residents went before the council to assure them they have a vested interest in operating well and supporting other local businesses. "We are invested in not having nuisances or parties because we don't want them wrecked," said resident Susie Wiggins.

    The Texan (07/06/22) Kim Roberts

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