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    Plano City Council Might Consider Temporary Short-Term Rental Ban

    The Plano City, Texas, Council wants to consider a temporary ban on short-term rentals (STRs). At a recent City Council meeting, several members floated the idea after a discussion about the legality of a prospective short-term rental ordinance in Plano. City attorney Paige Mims told attendees that Plano cannot restrict assembly at short-term rentals or enforce a city-wide ban. Citing rulings regarding cities like Grapevine, which has faced legal trouble for regulating short-term rentals, Mims said relying on current definitions to prohibit STRs would be indefensible. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Maria Tu said, while she wants to protect neighbors, she’s also concerned about legal implications and if an outright ban would be responsible.

    Dallas Morning News (03/13/23) Myah Taylor

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