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    PriceLabs Acquires Rental Scale-Up in Push to Deliver Vacation Rental Insights

    PriceLabs has purchased short-term rental resource hub Rental Scale-Up in a bid to provide vacation rental business practices and market data insights to clients and the overall short-term rental industry in multiple formats. PriceLabs supplies dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions to short-term rental owners and managers. The software employs artificial intelligence and algorithms to help operators oversee pricing and stay restrictions and boost income. "Having recently completed eight years in the industry, we believe our content should go beyond writing whitepapers and functional specs for our users. Instead, we want to help the whole industry grow by providing key insights and in-depth analysis—whether they use PriceLabs or not," said PriceLabs President Richie Khandelwal. Rental Scale-Up founder Thibault Masson said the merger will help Rental Scale-Up reach underserved audiences like individual Airbnb hosts and impel marketing campaigns "from A to Z and not just advise on what should be done and look for what is being executed."

    PhocusWire (08/25/22) Jill Menze

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