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    Scottsdale's Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulations 'Very Limited' by State, Officials Say

    Scottsdale, Arizona, has introduced a plan to effect tough short-term rental regulations, which officials said are "very limited" by state law due to minor penalties and little authority for cities to control the industry's impact on housing costs. "The primary reason it's that way is because that's the way [the state law] was drafted, and those are the limited constraints that we have," said assistant city manager Brent Stockwell. Although Scottsdale can now mandate that short-term rental are licensed with the city, the $250 maximum fee set by state legislators will hardly cover permitting costs. "This is a limited restoration of local control. I would stress [that it's] very limited and there's a very narrow set of conditions to revoke a license," said Councilmember Solange Whitehead. Property managers Ric Kenworthy and Scott Graden praised the licensing requirement, saying Scottsdale should expand the initiative by requiring noise monitors that allow landlords to ensure guests are not getting too disruptive, and raising permit fees to underwrite further efforts, like hiring private security to help police with noise calls. Yet the city likely has little sway over such actions under the new state law. Kenworthy said the current focus should be on familiarizing landlords with best practices to avoid problems.

    Arizona Republic (09/28/22) Sam Kmack

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