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    Short-Term Rental Association Sues Clark County, Nevada Over Regulations

    A lawsuit against Clark County and the state of Nevada alleges that an ordinance to license, regulate, and enforce violations of short-term rentals in unincorporated Clark County "exceeds the boundaries" of what is allowed under Nevada and US Constitutions. The Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association stated, "It is our hope, through this action, that our state and local officials work with us in good faith to craft sensible and fair regulations that respect our civil rights and liberties, protect private property ownership, and end regulations that make criminals out of law-abiding citizens and further compound the economic hardship individuals and families are experiencing in Nevada." The suit comes less than a month before the application process for prospective short-term renters is scheduled to go into effect. Clark County ruled that prior to applying for a business license, homeowners must enter a "random number generator," which functions like a lottery system run by a third party. Lawmakers determined that licenses for more than 1 percent of the "housing stock" would not be issued, and the renter's association claimed 80 percent of homeowners who rent their property on services like Airbnb and Vrbo would be excluded. The rules mandate that applicants must pay fees, meet certain requirements, and follow certain regulations, like disallowing parties, setting minimum-stay requirements, and limiting the number of guests allowed. The association said in its complaint that the ordinance overreaches. "No resident of Nevada or interstate or international traveler can be compelled under the law to live, do business, and have visitors in their own home under the arbitrary and oppressive licensing scheme set forth in the Ordinance," it remarked.

    Las Vegas Review-Journal (08/04/22) Ricardo Torres-Cortez

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