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    Short-Term Rental Bylaw Proposals Defeated at Special Town Meeting in Nantucket

    For the fourth straight town meeting, voters in Nantucket, Massachusetts, failed to find a consensus on how or whether to restrict short-term rentals, rejecting a pair of bylaw proposals. Article 1, a general bylaw proposal that would have prohibited corporate ownership of short-term rentals, restricted the number of short-term rental properties to one per owner, and limited the number of times a home could be rented during the summer months, was defeated by a wide margin. Article 2, a zoning bylaw that would have made short-term rentals an approved use in every island zoning district, suffered the same fate, as the two proposals were linked. If Article 1 was defeated, Article 2 could not be passed, and so voters quickly decided to take no action on the zoning bylaw after the general bylaw was rejected.

    Nantucket Current (11/08/23) Jason Graziadei

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