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    Short-Term Rental Industry Witnessing a Widening Digital Divide

    While 70.5 percent of property managers plan to add to their technology offerings this year, a surprisingly high number are still failing to tap into basic solutions to streamline their business, according to Breezeway’s fourth annual Property Operations Report. When it comes to marketing their rentals, 55 percent of property managers still don’t use dynamic pricing, which has become a mainstay strategy for maximizing revenues during busy periods and reducing gap nights when demand slows. Only 10.9 percent of managers will start using this in 2023. About half still don’t use property operations software, guest messaging, or smart locks. Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO of Breezeway, said: “Technology is enabling the best short-term and vacation rental managers to confidently meet market challenges and continue to grow their business. We see a divide between the best managers embracing tech and software tools to automate and optimize their business, pulling away from those that are more reluctant."

    Travel Daily Media (05/19/23) Kanchan Nath

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