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    Short-Term Rentals Bolster Oklahoma City's Housing Market, Bridging Gap for Travelers and Locals Alike

    The growing popularity of short-term rentals in Oklahoma City, Okla., is filling a gap for both travelers and locals. "We really do not have enough hotel doors for the city of our size, so short-term rentals made sense to me because they added another place to stay," said Oklahoma City-based realtor Kimberly Robbins. She noted most property owners are home part of the year, and rent out their spaces for the remainder. "They renovate the property and have it at five star ready to sell, ready to live in, in that state all of the time," Robbins explained. "So they can transition in or out if they need to." Robbins said guests in Oklahoma City are usually not the party house guests that rentals are criticized for, as they often come for conferences, family visits, or even movie shoots. Rentals can become investment property for owners as well as guests. "Sell your house, move into a short-term rental, put your stuff in storage, this house is fully furnished it has everything you need," Robbins noted. "And then you and your Realtor can do a great search and take your time finding your forever home."

    KOKH Fox 25 (08/17/23) Payton May

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