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    Short-Term Rentals Test Sustainability as an Accreditation Standard

    The short-term rental industry can be sustainable, writes Skift columnist Srividya Kalyanaraman, but not without support and structure. "As it currently stands, there are few institutional incentives and considerable regulatory obstacles to make sustainability a universal priority," he writes. Even as travelers self-report on surveys that they consider environmental matters important, the onus of making private accommodations largely falls on the shoulders of private owners. When such is the case, developing a minimum viable standard for sustainability becomes vital. Founded last year, Barcelona-based Sustonica claims it is the first sustainability recognition for the short-term rentals industry. The startup credits a certification for properties meeting 33 percent of its eligibility criteria. One of Sustonica’s priorities is encouraging guests to spend less energy during their stay. The company’s strategy to get there is by trying to get as many properties certified under its fold and make property managers and owners sustainability ambassadors. For instance, Sustonica works with AES Events Group, a property management company in Cannes, France, as a pilot project to educate owners and property managers about getting accreditation.

    Skift (03/09/23) Srividya Kalyanaraman

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