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    Spanish Short-Term Rentals Boom Has Tourist Sector Clamoring for Rules

    Spanish travel industry association Exceltur estimates that roughly 300,000 homes are offered for short-term rental in Spain's 20 largest cities, with hotels managing approximately 389,779 rooms. Renting to tourists yields double the profits of renting to residents, and Exceltur is pushing for an ordinance to rein in short-term rental platforms like Airbnb. "We all have to play on equal terms," said Exceltur head Gabriel Escarrer. "These properties have to meet certain requirements in order to be marketed." Rules the association is lobbying for include forcing platforms to confirm that individual hosts are properly registered as tourist accommodation providers, with official permission to operate. Sources say the European Commission has proposed draft legislation mandating that online rental platforms disclose data, including the number of guests using their services and how many nights they stay, to national authorities.

    Reuters (11/22/22) Corina Pons

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