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    The New Vacation Rental Website – A Multi-Media Information Hub

    Vacation rental managers can create an all-encompassing platform on their website where visitors can find a one-stop-shop for their vacation needs.

    Now, this seems like a great solution, but transforming a website into a comprehensive information hub comes with a caveat. To be seen in this increasingly distracted world, something pretty special has to happen and it’s more than just delivering static information in the form of a few random pages. Visitors consume content in myriad ways, and creators need to think beyond the traditional methods of delivery and toward the media their target audience prefers and then to develop a content creation strategy to embrace all of them.

    The starting point is the evergreen content at the foundation of the site - the timeless material that travelers are researching, such as beach guides, ideas for driving tours, lists of hiking trails and checklists for travelling to the area. Once someone lands on the site to get this information, it’s important to keep them there and not send them off to other URLs of tourism and specialist sites.

    Getting them there and keeping them requires a new look at delivery, through video, audio and well-structured social media posts that drives the traffic back to the source and moves them from travel content to selecting accommodation options.










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