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    This Startup Lets You Make Fractional Vacation Rental Investments Starting at $100

    US-based startup Here has announced $5 million in seed funding to build out a platform that lets people become fractional investors in vacation rentals, starting with stakes of $100. The proposal involves Here acquiring and making a property "vacation rental ready," and then listing it in an initial public offering to investors at a price inclusive of all those costs. All properties comply with a $1=1 stock of the property rule. After all shares are sold Here lists the property on vacation rental portals like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Booking.com for stays, then pays out quarterly dividends to investors from the profits earned by that property. The goal is to keep a property for five to seven years and then sell it on the market, with shareholders receiving payouts based on their respective stakes. Here deducts maintenance costs from dividends and final appreciation before the money is dispatched to investors. Here founder and CEO Corey Ashton Walters said the company collects one-to-ten percent sourcing fees based on the acquisition price when a property is listed for investment. Here also charges a one percent annual asset management fee while holding a minimum of one percent. The startup has listed three properties across communities in California, Florida, and Tennessee, and currently has over 30,000 users registered on the site, including 1,000 active investors.

    TechCrunch (07/13/22) Ivan Mehta

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