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    Vacasa Appoints TurnKey Co-Founder as Chief Operating Officer

    Vacasa has appointed TurnKey co-founder John Banczak its chief operating officer, effective immediately. TurnKey was Vacasa's primary competitor in North America until Vacasa acquired it for $619 million in April 2021. Banczak was Vacasa's chief strategy officer. The appointment comes just five weeks after Rob Greyber became Vacasa's CEO, and he has been named interim chief product officer to fill in for departing executive Michael Xenakis. Vacasa also has promoted Chief Operating Officer Craig Smith to chief commercial officer, in which he will further assume outgoing chief revenue officer Michael Dodson's duties. Vacasa generated $9.94 million in net income in the second quarter ending June 30 on revenue of $310 million, a 31 percent year-over-year gain.

    Skift.com (10/15/22) Dennis Schaal

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