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    VRMA Is Working to Oppose HB84 in Hawaii, a Bill That Targets Legal STRs

    VRMA is aware of the below measure, HB84, and is working alongside industry partners to oppose this bill as it moves through the legislature.

    Hawaii State Rep. Sean Quinlan introduced the measure, which would allow counties to change the zoning of short term rentals. "There is some question right now on whether counties have zoning authority," he said. "So instead of cracking down on VRBO and Airbnb, the counties have been working with them to sign MOUs. I don't think we should let multi-million dollar corporations dictate our zoning to us." The bill would also allows counties to phase out permitted, nonconforming, or otherwise allowed short-term rentals in any zoning classification. "This bill is not to stop illegal short term rentals, but goes after those in full compliance with the law by Non-Conforming Use certificates, or by being able to legally operate by zone," said Alicia Humiston, president of the Hawaii Rental By Owner Awareness Association.

    KITV (Hawaii) (02/14/23) Paul Drewes

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