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    You Can Stay in a Sustainable Shipping Container in Downtown Phoenix

    Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, is home to a six-story building built almost entirely from repurposed shipping containers on the outside, while inside are vacation rentals with all of the essentials. The IDA on McKinley's developers hope the complex will draw visitors interested in sustainable development while serving as a model for others worldwide. The property was developed by Phoenix-based design-build firm Local Studio, and it features 18 rentable units and a ground-floor commercial space. Short-term rental company Sonder leases the units, and the roof collects rainwater to store and irrigate the surrounding landscaping while solar panels tap sunlight to power the building. Local Studio founder Brian Stark said the energy savings will be passed on to the commercial tenant that rents the ground floor space. The IDA building also has concrete culverts outfitted with custom-made glass to form ground floor windows. "In every project we design, we want to see how many of these sustainable components we can fit into the building," Stark said.

    Arizona Republic (07/14/22) Corina Vanek

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