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    Your Guide to Best Practices in Short-term Vacation Rental Regulations

    The VRMA tracks state and local regulatory issues related to short-term rentals across the U.S. All too often communities miss the mark on creating equitable rules that protect residents, property owners and the community as a whole. The U.S. Conference of Mayors advises that “fair regulation of short-term rentals ensures greater compliance.” Instead, communities often create knee-jerk policies that generate more problems than solutions, including outright bans. This type of reaction is exactly why the U. S. Conference of Mayors warned that “onerous regulations of short-term rentals can drive the industry underground,” which is ultimately counter-productive to policy makers’ goals.

    The VRMA has developed the 2016 National Policy Agenda, which demonstrates best practices in short-term rental regulations across the country. This resource provides members with VRMA’s, board-approved, official policy positions on many issues affecting vacation rental managers and the localities in which their properties are located. These positions were developed by synthesizing the regulatory landscape that the VRMA has been tracking.
    When you share the National Policy Agenda you are providing valuable information related to the preservation of property rights, equitable taxation and land use planning, and a demonstration of reasonable standards for occupancy, quality of life, and health and safety issues.

    While the National Policy Agenda mainly focusses on short-term rental issues, it also incorporates broader policy concerns. The agenda further explains the organization’s position on more general issues related to taxation, anti-discrimination and competitiveness issues as well.

    You can now access the National Policy Agenda and begin using it at all levels of government to show the importance and concern professional vacation rental managers have for the many complex policy conversations that are happening nationwide. The vacation rental industry must begin to speak in a more unified voice — in doing so we can communicate our policy positions more clearly and effectively.  The National Policy Agenda is a step towards creating the unified voice for the industry.

    Read the National Policy Agenda now.

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